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Activate The Rural Vote

Western Justice is proud to announce our Activate The Rural Vote initiative, a collaboration with Rural America In Action and Storytellers Digital.  Over 60 million eligible voters live in Rural America. Our proprietary data shows that more than 35 million of them do not vote regularly.  It’s time to change that.  Our Western lifestyles and livelihoods, and indeed, our nation, are at stake.

Our primary goals are to promote conservative ideas and policies and engage the conservative voter base.  80% of success is just showing up. Time and time again, low rural turnout has resulted in candidates who are the best advocates for rural America losing elections.

For far too long, ballot harvesting has naturally favored urban areas where many ballots can be collected in a small geographic area. But there is an opportunity to ensure rural Americans are properly represented, by “playing offense” and actively engaging the rural communities that are the heart and soul of our nation.  

Even as dedicated and passionate as rural residents are about our collective heritage, rural areas face challenges voting on Election Day. Rural voters may live far from a polling place. Many rural areas experience inclement weather by early November, which can scuttle Election Day voting plans. Machines can also malfunction, creating long lines and potentially driving voters away from the polls before they have cast their votes. And family and work emergencies arise on Election Day. 

A Republic is healthier when more citizens are engaged in the political representation process. With longer periods to vote by mail or absentee, we can build more citizen engagement by reaching unregistered voters in rural areas and encouraging them to vote.   

Our strategic partnership affords us the unique ability to accomplish much more efficiently and cost-effectively than the status quo.  Data shows that political campaigns regularly spend exorbitant amounts of money to gain votes, often without the ultimate success of winning elections.  For example, Glenn Youngkin’s 2021 campaign spent $39 per vote. The Biden campaign spent $29 per vote in swing states, while the Trump campaign spent about $17. 

Without paying bloated salaries to strategists, analysts, and any number of staffers, our campaign strongly believes that we can be direct and effective. Using top-of-the-line data and targeting, we believe we can keep spending to only $4 per vote.

Activate The Rural Vote is a vital campaign to let truly marginalized rural communities make their voices heard.


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